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At Anima MedTours (AMT), we help patients experience top-quality healthcare in India. We support our patients in their journey to access medical treatment, procedures or routine medical check-ups in India. We advise our patients about the process, provide them with accurate treatment quotes from desired facilities, and ensure they have a seamless experience throughout the treatment and recovery process. After their treatment and return back home, we follow-up to ensure they continue their recovery process based on the treating doctor’s prescription/recommendation.

Why Travel
to India?

Patients travel to India to access specialized medical treatment, wellness check-ups or cosmetic surgeries taking advantage of the advanced medical facilities, the wealth of medical expertise and the relatively lower costs of medical treatments and other procedures.

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  • Heart, Kidney or Liver Transplant
  • Bone Marrow Transplant
  • Cancer Treatment and Management
  • Weight loss Treatment
  • Cosmetic Surgeries
  • Diabetes Treatment
  • Infertility Treatment
  • Neurological Treatment
  • Opthalmology Treatment
  • Orthopedic Treatment
  • Paediatric care and Treatment
  • Spinal Surgeries
  • Among Others

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